Conference Chair

Prof. Dr. Bart Morlion
Leuven Centre for Algology & Pain Management, University Hospitals of Leuven, Belgium

Bart Morlion trained as an anaesthesiologist but works since many years full time in pain medicine. He is the director of the Leuven Centre for Algology & Pain Management at the University Hospitals of Leuven and clinical professor at the University of Leuven, where he teaches pain management, pharmacology and evidence based medicine at the medical school.

He is the current president of the European Pain Federation EFIC and past-president of the Belgian Pain Society (2006-2012). He is program director of the Belgian Interuniversity Postgraduate Studies in Algology and is also an active member of several committees in international scientific societies. Bart Morlion is currently deputy editor of the European Journal of Pain and author of numerous publications on the management of pain. His professional interests include all aspects of multimodal chronic pain management, cancer pain management, pharmacotherapy of pain, and quality management.